Wednesday, March 6, 2013


My movie review for Titanic

Movie Genre: Romantic Tragedy

Grade: A+, by Matthew Felsted

Titanic is a deep ocean romantic tragedy based on the real story of the Titanic and how it sank to the ocean floor after striking an iceberg. The story start with treasure hunters in small submersibles peering at the seafloor wreckage. With a single minded purpose, they scavenge the debris for the most coveted of all jewels, the Heart of the Ocean. The dazzling blue diamond belonged to a woman named rose, the narrator of the film. As she recants the tale of the titanic, the crew eagerly listens on and it morphs in to a rendition of her story.

In total melancholy, Rose tries to kill herself by jumping off the ship's deck. Jack talks her down just in time. She quickly falls in love with the man and secretly pursues an affair against her fiance, a man she does not love.

Like in real life, the Titanic hits an iceberg and begins to sink. The passengers foolishly down played the threat of the ship actually sinking and amid the hubris make many mistakes. Ignoring all danger, the crew under fill the lifeboats. To make things worse, there aren't even enough life boats for all the passengers! They hadn't even conceived of the idea that the Titanic, as a man infamously remarked, "God himself could not sink this ship".

Within a short while, the coldest fate befalls the passengers. As reality strikes  the crew panic like wild animals as the dark abyss of the ocean engulfs the passengers.

Spoiler Alert (Scroll down)

Jack and Rose miraculously survive the sinking of the ship and escape the suction caused by the capsizing juggernaut. The freezing cold ocean provides no safe harbor for the lost souls fighting to survive. Although they survived the capsizing, the ocean quickly took them under. While Jack ensured Rose's survival, it came at the cost of his own life. In his final moments, he grasps to Rose's hands. His body is submerged and soon falls dead to extreme hypothermia. Rose let's him go and his lifeless body glides in to the watery depths that claim his soul.

The Titanic is a movie that you can watch many times and still love.

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