Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Movie review for Buried

A film by Rodrigo Cortés

Grade: B+

The movie starts off with a man in a dark enclosed space. The man is Paul Conroy and he soon discovers he's trapped - in a coffin! The American truck driver was ambushed in Iraq and he was taken hostage and kept in a grisly nightmare.

At first, this movie hadn't appealed to me. From the previews that I had seen I wasn't particularly impressed. I thought, how interesting could a movie be if the whole thing is filmed in a tiny box in the darkness?

My roommate put it in the dvd player and so I had no choice. Well ok I could have gotten up and walked in to another room, but that's not the point! The movie instantly captured my attention.

The first thing he discovers, his zippo lighter. He soon discovers his sordid fate. He has been kidnapped and held ransom by being buried alive. No time to waste. Fortunately he finds a cell phone.

  1. He calls 911 - no help
  2. He calls the fbi - they can't do anything
  3. He connects with Interpol - a charismatic voice tries to save him but fails 
Pray to God this never happens to anyone!

Semi-Spoiler Alert (scroll down)

If you like happy endings.. don't watch this! It is as morbid as it is terrifying. This is a great film for anyone into tragedies and anyone that hates sappy movies. It's a great movie if you don't mind a sad ending. No one wins.

Matthew Felsted

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