Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Bruce Almighty

My movie review for Bruce Almighty

Movie Genre: Drama

Grade: C, by Matthew Felsted

Bruce Almighty is a entertaining comedy starring Jim Carey and Morgan Freeman. Bruce, an aspiring news anchorman in his late 40’s has a day where everything goes wrong. Not only does his most hated coworker steal the anchor position, Bruce is fired the same day. Things continue to get worse when he is beat up by a gang of Mexicans after helping a homeless man which brings him to where God invites Bruce to use his powers.

Bruce’s character sees himself as the center of the universe before and even after he gains his super powers. He demonstrates a lack of restraint when he explodes in a tantrum on live tv coverage when he learns his coworker got the position he wanted. When he has his superpowers, he uses it to get the position he wanted, instead of helping people. While his girlfriend is expecting him to propose, Bruce instead throws an elaborate celebration with a surprise to his girlfriend that turns out to be only a promotion for Bruce.

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